This is for everyone out there who is frustrated with their org's poor BOM management systems (or worse - - a lack of systems.)

In my first company, we were stuck using Lawson and Saleslogix as our ERP and CRM tools, while everyone and their mother was using and an ERP that wasn't from the 80's. Plus, we had no system for managing our product record, and things were getting pretty messy. We frequently had issues with our inventory, with making our cost projections . . . of course all that rolls downhill, and for me - -  someone who just needed effective tools to do my job - - it was a nightmare.

The biggest issue was that the boss never seemed to think we were a company that needed BOM management!


If you are in an organization where your product management tools just aren't cutting it, and are trying to convince your boss that you need a good set of tools to manage your BOM, here are 5 indicators that it’s time for your business to look into a BOM management tool that works.


You may need a BOM management tool if . . .


  1. You handle hard to track designs and frequently changing costs.
  2. You deal with manual processes like parts requests, ECO/ECN documents and deviations.
  3. You manage multiple islands of product data coming from teams like mechanical and electrical design, purchasing and quality.
  4. There are several channels of communication between groups like  ODMs, outsourcing partners, international branches or various web  portals.
  5. Any changes to the product record that are not caught early might result in costly product recalls and scrap.


If this is all true for you, then Excel, or email or even some clunky legacy system just won't cut it.


And just for fun, does anyone have any horror stories they'd like to share about using outdated, legacy tools?