If you are struggling to keep your product data organized and controlled, today's resource round up is for you. Here are some of my favorite BOM resources from Arena (full disclosure - I work there!) Whether your product data is in Excel, on a napkin, or in a PLM system, there is probably something here that can answer your most pressing BOM question.


Engineering BOM: the ins and outs

The EBOM is the starting point for any product. Learn how the EBOM differs from the MBOM, and download the Arena BOM Master Kit—one of our most popular downloads.

The manufacturing BOM: critical for successfully building a product

Unlike the EBOM, which is organized according to the design of a  product, the MBOM is structured to support how a product is assembled.  Here are tips for better MBOMs and a link to the Arena BOM Master Kit.

Sample BOMs

Need a visual? Here’s how a GPS navigation product BOM would look in  both Excel and a dedicated BOM management system like Arena.

Three tips for building better BOMs

The best BOM management system in the world won’t help you if you  don’t create correct and complete BOMs from the start. Here are three  tips I originally shared on the Arena Blog about building better BOMs.

10 tips for better Excel BOMs

If you are managing your BOMs in Excel, here are 10 tips to help you keep your data organized.

Should you manage your BOMs with ERP?

ERP systems are NOT optimal for managing product data during the design stage—find out why.

Why is it so hard to move a BOM from Engineering to Manufacturing?

An in depth explanation of common disconnects between engineering and  production—particularly when it comes to managing the bill of  materials.

3 tips for taking control of your bill of materials

This cautionary tale tells the story of how the lack of a centralized  BOM delayed one company’s launch for months. It also comes with a  bonus—three key tips for keeping BOMs in sync and under control.

Sharing BOMs with your supply chain?

Use the PDX File standard to share your BOMs in a clear, structured format.