A good friend of mine . . .  who shall remain nameless . . . . just  got out of a "come to *****" meeting because a major change to an  important fixture in their product was missed. Not a good day to be him .  . .

It's scary to admit, but missing a poorly documented change can  happen to anyone (to a varying degree of severity). It all comes down to  your processes, and how tightly you're managing changes to your product  with ECO/ECRs.

Obviously, working at Arena has convinced me that you should just set things up in an electronic change management system and call it a day, but a lot of people still use excel, email,  notebooks, file cabinets, and a variety of other methods to manage  changes to the product, and depending on where you are in your process,  that could be perfectly fine.

No matter how you manage change in  terms of system, I think there are some common issues that you have to  deal with at one point or another.


1. Bottlenecks

2. Non-compliance (from other team members)

3. Scaling


I wrote another post that presented solutions to some of these change management challenges, but I'm wondering what other challenges are particularly ubiquitous, and what are some possible solutions.


So - - please - - - weigh in!


When it comes to change, what makes it hard to manage? Did I nail it with the three I listed, or are there better ones?