When I was in seventh grade, I wanted to be president of the United States. Now, I think I want to be a supply chain manager. I recently stumbled on a research study put together by Software Advice outlining what it takes to be a supply chain manager in 2014.


The results are here. In the research effort, they considered 200 job postings for the title of "supply chain manager." On average, companies were searching for individuals with at least a bachelor's degree, 7 years of work experience and proficiency with ERP and MRP systems. Travel was estimated to be a significant part of the job for about 1/3 of the postings.


I had expected a manager position to require significantly more than 7 years experience, but I expect this study includes companies of all different sizes which may explain that number skewing lower.


In addition, APICS was the most preferred certification. I was disappointed to see that CSCMP's SCPro was not listed, but as a new certification, I expect it will take several years to gain more traction in the industry.


What else would you expect to see included in a "supply chain manager" job posting that might have been omitted from the analysis? Were you surprised by the findings?