There are several research studies that we repeat on an annual basis- risk management, supply chain talent, green supply chain and big data. If you'd like to contribute on any of those topics, click the links above and take the short survey. We share all the results openly after the survey closes. In identifying topics to track year over year, we like to pick subjects that are dynamic. Are companies' approaches to big data different this year than they were last? Are companies making progress on sustainability issues? Has all the publicity about the talent shortage helped alleviate the issue?


We just got the results compiled for our second green supply chain survey and I thought I'd share some high level insights.


Companies are doing less public sharing of sustainability goals than they were a year ago. More companies plan to, but less are actively doing so. This disappoints me. Things get done when parties are held accountable. Public sharing of goals is a great way for companies to make a public commitment to improve their supply chain practices in a more green direction.


But here's something interesting. At the same time that companies are being less vocal about what they doing, they are including a more extended version of the supply chain in their green plans.


Only 34% of respondents are only focused on activities within their four walls and I think that's refreshing. Supply chains don't exist in isolation and it's great to see companies acknowledging and working towards that extended vision. Collaboration on green initiatives can be a great first step on a long list of ways companies could improve performance in concert.


Like I mentioned, this study is still open and we are hoping to collect significantly more responses before closing it down for final analysis. If you'd like to participate, here is the link one more time.