Recently, we received a message from one of our customers. Here’s a customer that—like many of our readers, I suspect—is desperately trying to find time to spend on real improvement projects.


But, no!


What is he and his company doing?


Here it is in his own words:


“Right now, FIRES are all we are dealing with. All-consuming.”


The emphasis was his, not mine.


This is actually a little more bold—a little more straightforward—but not significantly different from the heart cry we hear from many of the executives and managers we serve day-in and day-out.


So, I thought it might be beneficial to review key reading that could help executives and managers who find themselves in that very same predicament. They want to improve, but all their resources are tied up in day-to-day firefighting.


Here it is. My TOP 10 list.


Top 10 Recommended Reading for Creating a Process of Ongoing Improvement (POOGI)


  1. Avoiding Failure from Lack of Buy-In
  2. On Creating a Process of Ongoing Improvement
  3. Why Improvement Projects Fail
  4. Why You Should Stop Doing Business Process Reviews (BPRs)
  5. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  6. The Key to Better Profits: Changing the Way We Think
  7. How to Effectively Manager Complexity, Uncertainty and Conflict
  8. Effective Problem Solving in Your Business or Supply Chain
  9. Focus and git 'er done!
  10. How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Supply Chain Improvement Project


Don’t miss them.


Let us know what you think after you’ve digested a few of them. Leave your comments below, or feel free to contact us directly, if you prefer.


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