Here is a recap of my top 5 blog posts, according to my readers. Check it out. See what you’ve missed that others didn’t.


  1. Arrival – And the Collaborative Supply Chain– This article, based on the movie Arrival, talks about the fundamentals of collaboration. It talks about finding a common language for communicating, and how to build collaboration based on common goals.

  2. Supply Chain Visibility and the SME – Here we talk about the five stages in the building and evolution of supply chain visibility. We introduce the concept of a simplified data framework for collaboration and visibility—the exchange of a much smaller, yet highly-effective, set of data between trading partners.

  3. Are We Smarter Than a Cave Man?– This challenges supply chain executives, managers, and leaders to consider whether they a really learning from their experiences; or if they are fighting the same fires over and over again

  4. 7 Books to Help Make Your Company and Supply Chain More Profitable – This was a big hit! I hope it wasn’t just a bunch of people looking for lists. My real hope is that many people actually read—and benefitted—from the books listed here.

  5. Order Management and Supply Chain Management – Starting with a definition of “order management” from North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, we reduce the matter to what supply chain managers really need to know. This article is about reducing complexity to simplicity and effectiveness. We hope many took it to heart.


So, take another look. See if you missed anything that could help you improve even more in 2018.


Also, read our recent article on Supply Chain Resolutions for 2018. Get you year off to a great start with resolutions that will lead to real improvement, not just better firefighting.


See you next year! And thanks for reading.



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