How about these resolutions for 2018 as a supply chain executive or manager?

  1. We will create a system that senses demand and autonomously responds for delivering consistently high planned service levels.Writing at a desk
  2. We will reduce our average end-to-end supply chain inventories by up to 50 percent without sacrificing customer service levels.
  3. We will have stable, efficient, and uninterrupted production cycles.
  4. We will not allow ourselves to be put under pressure to be impossibly flexible, yet we will still deliver nearly matchless service levels and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  5. We will place orders with our suppliers that are stable, and very rarely need to be changed or expedited.
  6. We will not place demands on others for forecast accuracy that is unachievable.
  7. We will not remain enmeshed in constant firefighting and expediting; instead, we will focus our efforts on continuous improvement, exception management, and value-added planning.


Afraid to make such bold resolutions?

Are you afraid to make such bold resolutions?


I would be too if I were caught in the situation where I were forced to rely on traditional forecast-driven MRP or DRP methods.


There is, however, a process that is proven to deliver on all of these resolutions when the methods are conscientiously applied. It’s called Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (DDSCM) and is articulate well in Simon Eagle’s recently-released Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management: Transformational Performance Improvement.


If you would like to celebrate in December 2018 with having actually kept your SCM New Year’s resolutions, then I’d suggest you start today by getting yourself a gift: the book.

In fact, you might want to buy a few extra copies to share with your staff, key executives and other key figures in your supply chain. That way, it will be easier for you all to get on the same page toward a POOGI (process of ongoing improvement).


It’s your turn

Now it’s your turn.


Tell us. What are your supply chain resolutions for the coming year?


Are you simply resolved to get better at firefighting—having given up on all hope for real and lasting improvement?


Don’t! Read the book so you don't have to do so!


Let us know how you’re doing, and how you are achieving improvements in your supply chain. Leave your comments below, or feel free to contact us directly, if you prefer.



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