I apologize if the title of the article sounds too crass. However, my guess is that most of the folks who will read this article are actual working day-to-day in for-profit enterprises. They are called for-profit for a reason.


So, here’s my list.


Number 1: Demand Driven Performance Using Smart Metrics

The introduction to this book really says it all—if you understand what it means. It opens with a quote from Morpheus, a character in The Matrix (1999, Warner Bros. Pictures):


This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”


Demand Driven Performance is the red pill.


Sure, you can take the blue pill—like most of your competitors will be doing. They will wake up in their beds continuing to believe whatever they want to believe—the same things all their also-ran competitors believe. But, why would you do it?


If you want to start on the path to making more money, you need to read this book to continually improve your manufacturing and supply chain operations.


Number 2: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “demand driven” supply chains lately. And, it seems, there are dozens of definitions of what it means to become “demand driven” being cast about.


However, if you want to read the authoritative work on this rapidly emerging methodology—if you want to understand what it really means to become  demand driven—then you need to read this book. This book explains clearly and concisely just why conventional and traditional methods for planning fail to deliver satisfactory results in today’s business environment and global economy.


With over 300 figures to help you plainly understand the principles at work, it can help you position your supply chain and your enterprise to make more money now and in the future.


Number 3: Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

Want an increased dose of “the red pill” (see reference above)? Read this book now! If you don’t one of your competitors will, and you will lose ground.


This book is both powerful and practical. It is already helping demand-driven principles gain ground by strengthening the argument for a paradigm shift in supply chain methodologies from the worn-out traditional methods to the new demand-driven approach.


Additionally, this book has garnered international acclaim, with supply chain leaders from the U.S., France, Columbia and more singing its praises.


I mean it: get it today.


Number 4: The Missing Links – A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel

This business novel should be read by anyone with a genuine interest in how to run a business enterprise with the goal of making more money. It is especially useful for those new to the challenges one faces in improving supply chain performance.


The book is full of practical, relevant advice enveloped in a captivating detective story. While the story is fictional, the reader can take the insights gained straight into their own workplace and into their supply chains.


This is a quick read and you will be more profitable if you also apply the insights it provides.


Number 5: The Machine – A Radical Approach to the Design of the Sales Function

This is a bit different from the rest of the books I’ve mentioned here. This book is about a radically new and dramatically effective approach to sales process re-engineering. This brief excerpt from the introduction helps us understand the importance of this work:


The sales environment in a typical organization—in most every organization, in fact—is seriously dysfunctional. But rather than focusing on the obvious dysfunction, management is busy with incremental improvement initiatives: sales training, sales force automation…, or bolt-on lead-generation activities…. Because none of these initiatives address the root cause of the dysfunction, they amount to nothing more than arranging chairs on the deck of the sinking Titanic.


And make no mistake—the Titanic is sinking!


It’s not that sales is getting worse: The issue is that the rest of the organization is getting so much better while sales clings to the same structure, the same management approach, and the same practices that have been in place for the last fifty years.


Don’t let your sales organization stay the same while the rest of your company and supply chain is improving. Find out what you can do about it by reading this book.



So, let us know if you decide to read one or more of these books. Let us know what you learned, and how you are now making more money than you were before. Leave your comments here, or feel free to contact us directly, if you prefer.


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