If your supply chain is not undergoing transformation, you are falling behind. If you have not seriously reevaluated your strategic objectives and tactics within the last year in light of new methods and options now available to you, your supply chain is becoming a part of history—not the future.


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What does it feel like to be wrong?

Ask your co-workers or friends: “What does it feel like to be wrong?”


They are likely to respond with words like: “embarrassing,” “awkward,” “humiliating,” or “uncomfortable.”


But they are not really describing what it feels like to be wrong.


What they are describing is what it feels like to find out that you’re wrong!


There’s a big, big difference!


Actually, what it feels like to be wrong is exactly what it feels like to be right! –Until you find out that you’re wrong.


That is the danger! It’s what we think we know that holds us back!


We love our job!

Our job is to help our customers create a durable competitive advantage by helping them discover those areas where old thoughtware is holding them back.


We recognize that, as outsiders, we will never know as much about your business and your industry as you and your management team probably do.


But our job is not to give you answers.


Our job is to ask the right questions in order to help you discover where old, outdated (perhaps, formerly) “right” thinking might be holding you back from transformations that can lead to significant—not incremental—improvements in your bottom-line.


We are confident that we can help you achieve big breakthroughs in a partnership that adds value to your enterprise through a combination of

  • Provoking strategic thinking about things like positioning of inventory across your supply chain
  • Introducing proven tactics for configuring your supply chain and monitoring its performance
  • Designing sound business processes that help you hold onto your new-found advantages
  • Training key personnel to support the new approach
  • Applying effective technologies that will support your new strategies and tactics

You are not alone

Even many leading firms are still struggling to comprehend just where they stand in their own journey toward supply chain excellence. So, you are not alone in this.


Frequently we find that there is little or no alignment between the corporate strategies and supply chain tactics and execution. No wonder that significant and sustainable bottom-line improvements are almost impossible to achieve.


After all, an organization that is divided—at war with itself—is nearly always in a constant state of firefighting. It simply has not the time, energy or management attention needed to achieve breakthroughs.


We can help you and your team learn to work effectively as “a system,” and even extend that effectiveness up and down your supply chain by engaging with your trading partners.


Our demand-driven, outside-in helps introduce new thoughtware. This new thoughtware aids in identifying what needs to change from the major strategies down to the hands-on details.




How are you approaching supply chain transformation? What are you doing to overcome the inertia of believing you are “right,” while new innovations may not be given consideration at all? Where have you found success? Where have been your biggest challenges?


Let us hear from you. Leave your comments below, or feel free to contact us directly.


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