Today, our reliance on computers is pervasive. As your company, your supply chain, and even your home, are increasingly reliant upon computers to control everything from the flow of electricity to the flow of products and services, you need to be informed about matters of cybersecurity.evaluate.JPG


Here are some helpful videos to get you started:

  1. Hackers: The Internet's Immune System
  2. Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net
  3. Hire the Hackers
  4. All Your Devices Can be Hacked
  5. How Cyberattacks Threaten Real World Peace (French with English subtitles)
  6. Governments Don't Understand Cyber Warfare; We Need Hackers
  7. What's Wrong with Your Pa$$w0rd?
  8. The 1s and 0s Behind Cyber Warfare
  9. A Vision of Crimes in the Future


How are you dealing with cybersecurity risks to your business and supply chain? Please, leave your comments below. We would like to know more.


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