The Supply Chain Technology (SCTECH) Conference is an annual gathering of supply chain management, technology, and engineering professionals, as well as financial experts. The goal of SCTECH is to equip supply chain professionals with the latest information and concepts in supply chain technologies, thus helping to build better, more efficient, more effective and more profitable supply chains. The ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance) Supply Chain Technology Conference and Expo 2016 is scheduled for 19-21 July at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL.


Why should you attend…

1)    Listen to renowned speakers


By participating in SCTECH 2016, you will get a chance to meet and hear from prominent speakers from both the academic and corporate sectors. The speakers constitute an array of experts in supply chain management and technology. Plus, you will have opportunity to participate in panel discussions and debates on a variety of topics, while having your questions answered by highly renown experts.


You will leave SCTECH2016 better equipped to face the day-to-day challenges your supply chain throws at you. You won’t want to miss the advantages you will gain by participating in SCTECH2016.


2)    Leading exhibitors and sponsors


Leading companies from around the globe will be present at SCTECH2016 ready to showcase their technologies other solutions. There will be exhibitors to help you solve problems in the following areas:

• Supply chain planning and execution

• Sales, inventory and operations management

• Purchasing

• Material handling and storage

• Profitability optimization

• Among others

3)    Exciting new career opportunities


Both corporations and recruiters from the supply chain management industry will be at the show looking for outstanding talent among the attendees. You never know! It may be your chance to grab that job opportunity you have been awaiting. So, come along and bring your resume.


4)    Contests and competitions


SCTECH 2016 will include numerous contests—like an exciting robotics competition! You will be amazed to see how technology professionals have developed and extended robotics capabilities to help solve your supply chain challenges.


5)    Explore further education


Also in attendance at SCTECH2016 will be several top-ranked universities showcasing their supply chain and technology education programs. If you have always wanted to pursue further education in supply chain or technology programs, then attending SCTECH may be right for you.


6)    Seminars and Sessions


Top-notch researchers in the supply chain industry will conduct several seminars and sessions. The sessions are geared to focus on the improvement of supply chain management practices—and profits.


7)    Training workshops


There will be a variety of exciting and useful educational and training workshops for you to attend. The workshops will offer education, certifications, and industry-recognize training in an array of supply chain topics.


8)    A chance to have your business funded


Do you have a promising idea, but lacking funds to get off the ground? SCTECH venture capital partners will be there to help you. All you need is to avail yourself for the conference and showcase your big idea to the investors. If they are impressed with it, your business may be the next big thing.


Needless to say, there are more than enough reasons why you should attend the SCTECH 2016. Mark the date and be part of the professionals ready to share cutting edge technologies in the supply chain industry.



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