Supply chain management 01.jpgI thought it would be interesting to see what topics you have found most interesting in my writings here at the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community and, perhaps, to discuss why certain writings may have piqued your interest. So, here are the top-ranked posts from 2013:


  1. Reducing production lead time to improve supply chain performance - An article containing some very practical advice on steps you can take to reduce production lead times
  2. Why you need your own project manager - This post covers a topic important to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and others managing IT projects with vendors and value-added resellers involved
  3. On demand-driven supply chains - part 1
  4. On demand-driven supply chains - part 2 - These two posts discuss what it really means for a supply chain to become demand-driven (not just call itself 'demand-driven')
  5. CFOs require proof of IT investment ROI - Yes! An article actually suggesting that CFOs should require some hard ROI from monies spent for IT improvement projects


Here are the TOP 10 ALL TIME articles I have written here a the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community:


  1. Uncertainty: the elephant in the room - part 2 - Supply chain "uncertainty" is a hot topic: two parts of this series are found in the top 10 views
  2. How much money should you commit to an improvement project? - CEOs, CFOs and CIOs would like to have better guidance about how much money should be committed to improvement projects, it appears
  3. Misaimings about metrics - Metrics in many organizations are conflicted and create internal conflicts; this article provides guidance to resolve those conflicts
  4. Simpler is better: Dynamic Buffer Management (DBM) - This article set forth a simple solution to managing inventory levels across your supply chain
  5. On making more money: Metrics not working? Check your complexity - In this article, I address the troublesome matter of how complex and conflicting metrics make it hard for managers and workers to connect day-to-day actions and decisions to corporate goals and improvement
  6. Supply chain agility - Why it's not getting done - Here I take head-on the two key stumbling blocks to the creation and sustaining of supply chain agility; almost everybody knows they need it, but few have achieved or sustained high levels of agility across their supply chains
  7. Business Intelligence, CPM and the middle market - Here is a topic near and dear to the hearts of strategic-thinking CFOs in the middle market: what to do about corporate performance management (CPM) metrics and business intelligence initiatives
  8. The dangerous dichotomy - part 1 - Addressing how companies get caught between cost-cutting and revenue-increasing strategies, frequently finding themselves in oscillation between the two options, but seldom finding a real resolution
  9. Forecasting mistake #1: Forecasting to the wall - Talking about one of the key dangers in forecasting practices
  10. Uncertainty: the elephant in the room - part 1 - Back to supply chain "uncertainty" and technology "improvements"


We think you will find going back over some of these very popular posts might help you discover new insights to help you move toward a process of ongoing improvement (POOGI), or at least stimulate some new thinking in your organizations.


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