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    How can small businesses innovate in the US?

    Dustin Mattison Master

      Can anyone provide their thoughts or ideas on how the US companies can compete in the global marketplace? Do US companies need to change their supply chains? Do they need to do more near-shoring or more off-shoring? What is holding US companies back?


      Here is an interview I did recently on the topic See here....

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          Alyssa Sittig Apprentice

          There are two pretty major things we need to do here to improve our global competitiveness. One, we need to take a hard look at improving education, and two, we need to be a nation that embraces technology and science.

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              Francini Ortiz Expert

              I agree with Alex - education is a major component and an extremely important investiment in the future of the US, if it is to continue playing a major role in the global market.

              I would also add that there needs to be a mindset change as well - to compete in the global marketplace, US companies will need to think differently and understand how business is done in other pats of the world. How can you reach the fast growing middle-classes in China or Brazil? Definitely not the same way as you do in the States. I would say... Travel. See. Explore. Be creative. Think outside the box.