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    Pharmaceutical S&OP - (scarce supply and govt. control)

    jnafis@kinaxis.com Apprentice

      How tightly linked should governmental controls be integrated into your pharmaceutical S&OP process?  I pose the question after a recent effort on my part to better understand the complexities associated with supply allocation in the pharmaceutical industry.  U.S. and international governments have enormous control in dictating where pharmaceutical supply can and cannot be shipped.  Governmental control will not likely be mentioned as a topic in an S&OP meeting during times of surplus, but in times of scarcity, this can become crucial and may move from routine order management to an S&OP focus.  Unfortunately, with the unpredictability that seems inherent with certain types of pharmaceutical products, the scarcity model may be all too common.

      Faced with tight supply, governmental controls that impact the alignment of supply to demand are obviously critical from a patient perspective, but how closely tied should they be to the S&OP process.  I would be interested in your opinion.