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    Make Items splitting planned order requirements

    craig hochreiter Novice

      I have a site that is importing 3 sources for make items.  When the MRP runs and planned orders are created for any quantity the qty required is split evenly to the sources listed for the make item in the same bucket.  An example I have is that there is a need for 1 piece and three sources are listed, Kinaxis MRP is splitting the requirement as .33 to each source required on the same day.


      How do I turn that off or do I omit the import of mulitple sources for Make items.  We are using 9.3.1.



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          Kris Reid Apprentice



          The simply answer probably lies in the fact that you have the Priority field on the PartSources all set to the same thing. While RapidResponse will always designate one as a "Primary Source" it will still plan evenly amongst all PartSources with the same Priority given the effectivity of all are equal. I would suggest trying that first. By setting one of the three PartSources to a Priority of 1 and the other to 2 and 3, the planning should use only the Priority 1 PartSource. If that has the desired effect then problem solved and you don't have to omit importing the other sources.


          If your intention is to use the other two PartSources in certain cases then it probably involves a more detailed discussion of the requirements.


          Let me know if this solves the problem.