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    10 Ways to Make Six Sigma Change Fail


      I found this article by Jeff Cole on the Six Sigma IQ site today, and wanted to share it with the community. For starters, it's really well written. The first two sentences grabbed me and made me want to read more--and actually made me laugh: "Have you ever experienced a Six Sigma project failure? If not, you’re really missing out on one of life’s more vivid learning experiences."


      I also appreciated the approach that Jeff takes--don't we often learn more from our failures than from our successes in business and in life?


      If you're involved in a Six Sigma project, or you ever have been, I think this article will resonate with you, and hopefully give you some good information to, in fact, make your project a success.


      So, looking at Jeff's top 10--which one hits closest to home for you? Anything you can add to the list?

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          sbonacorsi Novice

          One key area missed on the top 10 failures would be to "execute projects that are not aligned to the business strategic initiatives or to an area that the customer does not care about". Being successful on a project that neither the business nor customer cares about is surely a failure. Why are we wasting valuable resources working a project that no one considers important.