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    Do you agree with Gartner's Report on Top Predictions

    James Apprentice

      Gartner, recetly came out with the Top End User Predictions for 2010  - Do you agree with them keeping Supply Chain Scenarios in mind?

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          ayush Novice

          Personally, I feel most of the viewpoints here are valid but with a time frame of 2014.

          • I am certain more businesses will adopt the cloud infrastructure and cease to own IT infrastructure. This will especially help fuel the growth of SMEs. Already, companies are moving toward SaaS companies with a subscription business model. More and more of these companies are beginning to own cloud infrastructure and are including data hosting in their plans. You can read my views about this here.
          • I'm not too sure about the India-centric cloud aggregation. I'm not seeing too many Indian companies embracing the cloud model. Or maybe I'm not looking in the right places.
          • Most businesses today have started looking at Carbon Remediation from a PR perspective. It just needs to be legislated for businesses to start reporting emissions and purchasing credits. I don't think we'll have to wait till 2014 for that to happen. I've written a piece specific to green supply chains.http://www.scmblog.com/2010/02/green-supply-chain-fact-or-fiction.html