Supply Chain Expert Community Newsletter-February 2015

Version 4

    bubble-infographic-supply-chain-risk.pngValentine's Day is upon us! In supply chain management, we know that success depends on relationships. So, on the supply chain expert community, I asked 'What relationships do you believe play an important role in achieving supply chain success?' Check out how others have responded and tell us what you think in the discussion thread!

    On another note, we are hosting a customer webcast on Thursday, February 26th. In this customer-focused webcast hosted by the Kinaxis Product Management team, get a recap of the key features from one of our biggest releases and hear about some of the exciting new work underway. Learn more.

    I also want to sha
    NewKinexions-184x150.jpgre that we have a new training video series for responsibility configuration (2014.4). This video series for resource authors and administrators, focuses on responsibility definition, workbook authoring, setting the responsibility scenario and configuring responsibility roles. Don't miss this series or our other RapidResponse training videos

    And, in the spirit of Valentine's Day we've dusted off an old favorite, a fun video series on relationships and finding the right match: New Kinexions. Happy Valentine's Day! See you on the community!

    Melissa Clow
    Community Manager




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