Supply Chain Expert Community Newsletter-November 2014

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    end-to-end-available to promise.pngAfter the success of our annual supply chain user conference, I read a really interesting blog by one of the analysts in attendance. In his blog post, Women of the Supply Chain: Responsibility, Collaboration and Bathroom Lines, Josh Greenbaum, Principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting, discusses how he noticed that there were more women in attendance compared to other tech conferences he has been to recently. Because of this observation, he did some investigating and discovered  that the percentage of women in supply chain, like the operations research field, was found to be much higher than the overall percent of women in high-tech.

    In his article, Josh questions why there are more women in supply chain roles. Are there characteristics that women possess that are beneficial to managing a supply chain? Josh writes that “supply chain planning and management don’t lend themselves to absolute truths and command and control hierarchical management”, which can make it beneficial to possess qualities like cooperation, collaboration and open-mindedness in the supply chain world.

    bubble-research-approaches-to-supply-chain-risk.pngWhat do you think? Check out the article in full and share your opinion with others on the Supply Chain Community.

    If you’re interested in this topic, also check out our past webcast with supply chain practitioners: Mentoring, Sponsorship, & Quotas: What are their rela
    tive merits in bringing more women into supply chain management?

    See you on the community!

    Melissa Clow
    Community Manager


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