Supply Chain Expert Community Upgrade - What's New! [April 23, 2014]

Version 1

    We're excited to announce we are upgrading to a new version of the Jive platform (which runs the Supply Chain Expert Community). We wanted to give you a peak at some of the changes you can expect to see beginning Thursday, 24th April and give you a brief tutorial of how to use some of the new features.

    A fun new feature is profiles with personality. This is a completely re-designed profile that is visually engaging with more picture upload options, highlights of connections, as well as LinkedIn-style endorsements.

    Photos have been enhanced! Newly uploaded photos will appear noticeably sharper and are optimized for your redesigned profile page. Take a moment to refresh your photos for best results.


    The first thing you'll notice are a lot of little handy pop-ups the first time you log in. These will help you get familiar with all the new features and will only appear once.

    4-23-2014 2-27-35 PM.jpg

    These 'what matters: activity', 'what matters: communications' 'what matters: actions' icons in the top left corner have been removed

    4-23-2014 2-16-13 PM.jpg

    And replaced with 'content', 'people' and 'places'

    4-23-2014 2-16-31 PM.jpg

    To view the 'what matters: activity, communications and actions', click on the icon to the left of your profile picture and select the area you would like to explore.

    4-23-2014 2-28-04 PM.jpg

    Or for more detailed information click on your name in the top right corner. Select 'Inbox & Activity'.

    4-23-2014 3-15-01 PM.jpg

    By selecting 'Inbox & Activity', it will take you to the following page where you will see your activity streams, inbox etc.

    4-23-2014 3-15-47 PM.jpg

    For questions or more information, please send me a message at

    Have a good one!