Supply Chain Expert Community Newsletter-September 2013

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    GartnerIBOBubble.pngHello community friends,


    September always makes me think of my childhood: summer coming to an end, looking forward to the leaves changing color and, of course, back to school.


    Most of us aren't headed to class, but as a recent blog post reminded us, there's always another supply chain lesson for supply chain professionals.


    This fall we hope to learn many more lessons as we sponsor and attend several upcoming conferences, including:

    • Supply Chain Insights Global Summit: Sept. 11– 12
    • WP-In-Memory-Database.pngLogiPharma Conference: Sept. 17– 19
    • Gartner Supply Chain Summit - Europe: Sept. 23– 24
    • Automotive Logistics Global: Sept. 24– 26
    • And of course, The Annual Kinaxis Training & User Conference: Oct. 24– 26.

    Hope to see you at these upcoming conferences. For now, see you on the community!


    Melissa Clow
    Community Manager



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