Supply Chain Expert Community Newsletter - July 2013

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    WP-In-Memory-Database.pngHello community friends,


    I want to share a new complimentary report: "Three Techniques to Improve Organization Alignment" courtesy of Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights LLC. This paper explores how supply chain practices can improve organizational alignment and improve corporate performance. Be sure to check it out!


    We also have new posts from community members on topics such as: supply chain talent, job growth in manufacturing, demand-driven initiatives, the pharmaceutical supply chain, and reducing production lead times. As always, I encourage you to ask questions and provide your two cents to others in the discussion threads.


    Gartner-Conference-LLSCS.pngSee you in the community!


    Melissa Clow
    Community Manager



    Kimberly-Clark: A Demand-driven Leader
    Published Jul 9, 2013 by Lora Cecere
    TechValidate.pngOver the course of the last six years, I have helped many companies with their demand-driven initiatives. The Kimberly-Clark organization has been...


    3 Days in Berlin: A supply chain conference that you want to watch over and over

    Published Jul 9, 2013 by CJ Wehlage  
    If you read my last blog, “400 Miles in the Desert”, you would have understood how 5 hours of driving in the desert shaped my view of the Gartner ...


    What ails the pharmaceutical supply chain?
    Published Jul 8, 2013 by Trevor Miles @milesahead  
    It is always dangerous to draw too many parallels between companies, and yet benchmarking is one of the most effective ways of expressing comparative...



    Using Inherent Simplicity to calculate beginning stocking quantities
    Published Jul 7, 2013 by Richard Cushing 
    In a preceding article, I talked about the complexities that many methods and applications bring to calculating what stocking quantities should be for each SKU-Location…

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