Launch of the Supply Chain Index

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    Launch of the Supply Chain Index
    Which Supply Chain Metrics Matter to Financial Market Valuations?

    By Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO and research assistance performed by Abby Mayer, Research Associate


    Research Report Description:

    What is Supply Chain Excellence?


    A researcher learns quickly that the analysis of supply chain excellence is not easy. There are many facets. Supply chain experts have opinions; but there is too little real research to have a data-driven discussion. It is our goal to change this. This is the purpose of this report.


    We want to help supply chain leaders understand the impact of supply chain performance on market capitalization. We define Supply Chain Excellence as: the ability of a company to maximize value through the setting of targets and aligning metrics to drive a value chain strategy.


    Supply chains are complex systems composed of complex processes with increasing complexity. Most companies are stalled in improving performance. The reasons are many. Complexity and market volatility are increasing, and supply chain leaders are facing a talent shortage.


    To illustrate the point, in the next section, we share the progress on how two very different industries are making trade-offs in managing supply chain financial ratios.