Kinexions '11 Keynote: Kevin O'Marah…UNCENSORED

    Kevin O'Marah, most recently of Gartner (AMR) shared his perspectives on technology, the human brain, and supply chain for winners in this keynote address.


    Presentations abstract:

    A day late and a dollar short — this is how one leading executive described the technology of ERP as part of today's global supply chain. New data shows that cost control, while still a fundamental for supply chain strategists, is steadily losing ground to higher level business imperatives like speed, agility and responsiveness. It is also clear that supply chain talent gaps increasingly separate winners from losers across industries. Is it possible that billions spent on ERP backbones offer little more than data and transaction automation while newer technologies race ahead by tapping human intelligence organically? It is not only possible, it is happening and supply chain strategists who can attract talent and leverage it with the right technologies are winning because of it.