Advanced Capabilities of RapidResponse, Kinexions '10, John Westerveld, demo architect, Kinaxis

Version 2

    The past few RapidResponse product releases have seen the introduction of significant new features. This workshop serves as a good overview of some of the key additions and enhancements, including:


    Goal-Oriented Analytics: Allow the creation of a "better" plan by iteratively trying different priority configurations.


    Data Change Alerts and Workbooks: Automate data changes either automatically through alerts or interactively through worksheet data change automation. Automated changes can be made to the same scenario or another scenario as defined by the workbook author.


    Workbook Links: A new interface allows a much simpler definition of workbook links. Workbook links allow users to switch from workbook to workbook within the context of a part, constraint, reference part or work center.


    Explore how these new capabilities can be leveraged to augment the value you receive from RapidResponse.