Is your supply chain not performing the way you designed it to? The Self-Healing Supply Chain can help.

Version 4

    Supply chains don’t always perform the way you designed them to.


    Closing the gap between how you designed your supply chain to work, and how it’s actually performing improves your ability to predict revenues, satisfy customer demands and maximize financial performance. But for most, finding ways to detect, measure and correct this vast divide isn’t only painful, it’s virtually impossible.


    The Self-Healing Supply Chain™, part of Kinaxis® RapidResponse®, makes it easy by comparing your as-designed and as-demonstrated supply chain performance and automatically correcting any inaccurate design assumptions like lead times or yields.


    Feel confident your plans will become reality.


    Using machine learning algorithms purpose-built for supply chain planning, the Self-Healing Supply Chain lets you:

    • Quickly understand the potential financial impact of incorrect design assumptions

    • More easily see, act and collaborate on opportunities to improve critical business metrics

    • Continuously improve supply chain performance with automatic monitoring and adjustment of design inputs over time


    The net result is a healthy supply chain that gets fitter on its own over time.