See past the hype! What AI really means for supply chain planning

Version 1

    Don’t believe all the hype! Artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain planning is here, but what that means for the future may not be what you think.


    Concurrent planning and AI can take supply chain planning beyond the limits of human capabilities, into a realm where supply chains are smarter, faster and self-healing, but that doesn’t mean a future where planners are obsolete.


    What it does mean is a shift in how you interact and collaborate with your planning systems. Using AI, built on an existing concurrent planning foundation, you can leverage machine learning, advanced analytics and big data to drive valuable increases in efficiency and productivity.


    AI breakthroughs in supply chain planning are happening all around us. But be warned, successfully seeing value doesn’t just happen by deploying new technology.


    Check out our latest white paper by Trevor Miles, VP of Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. Rise of the smart machines: How concurrent planning and AI can help you win big in supply chain planning, explores steps you can take today to help you reach a smarter supply chain planning future tomorrow.