Top 4 capacity planning obstacles and how to remove them

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    Missing customer commitments or having expensive equipment sitting idle are scenarios every planner wants to avoid. But let’s face it, these things happen.  

    Enter the need for effective capacity planning.  

    Capacity planning spans capital investment budgeting to ensure you fully utilize every individual machine. It’s interwoven with multiple other functional planning processes, including strategic planning sales and operations planning (S&OP), master scheduling and material requirements planning. It’s part of the conversation at every level of planning. 

    So, here’s the catch. The capacity planning landscape can be tricky to navigate – whether it’s resource requirements planning, rough cut capacity planning or capacity requirements planning. Identifying and eliminating four key obstacles standing in your way, will help you see the complete global capacity picture and set you on a path to success. In this eBook, explore the top four obstacles, how to remove them and the value of a single source for planning.