[Deloitte Paper] The rise of the digital supply network

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    Supply chains traditionally are linear in nature, with a discrete progression of design, plan, source, make, and deliver. Today, however, many supply chains are transforming from a staid sequence to a dynamic, interconnected system that can more readily incorporate ecosystem partners and evolve to a more optimal state over time. This shift to an interconnected, open system of supply operations is called a digital supply network (DSN) and it could lay the foundation for how companies compete in the future.


    In this paper, Deloitte thought leaders explore and analyze the next stage of growth for supply chains in digital supply networks, including:

    • Tracing the technological evolutions that enable the rise of the DSN
    • Defining what the DSN is, along with its role within a wider business strategy
    • Examining the trade-offs inherent in a typical supply chain, and identifying the characteristics that can mitigate those trade-offs
    • Considering how to build a DSN