I hope you had a good week. My simulation model gets its final touches, so that all my scenarios run smoothly and (hopefully) produce some interesting results.
Last week I started with some basic supply chain scenarios like serial, convergent and divergent — and I liked the results. The next step will be to include some more demanding structures. First will be a consumer goods supply chain as highlighted here in the blog.

And this is what others wrote about this week.

  • Jan Husdal had a look at the WEF report on “Supply Chain and Transport Risk” and summarizes the key figures and conclusions. ( husdal.com)
  • Tim Cook talked about the Apple supply chain and also the recent litigations regarding the working conditions within their supplier companies. One of the conclusions is to publish monthly updates on the changes within the supply chain. ( ZDNet)
  • The OR Blog reported on possibly upcoming legislation relevant to supply chain resilience and the ISO 28002 “Standard for Resilience in the Supply Chain”. ( Operational Risk Management Blog)
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Have a nice weekend!


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