Cover Happy 200!
This is my 200th article on the SCRM Blog.
One of my goals for this year was to build a good foundation on supply chain management for you, the readers, to be able to browse through a collection of great articles on supply chain risk management, and related topics.

The rising number of reviews made it possible to have a separate category on SCRM Introduction. In nearly 20 articles I wrote about topics like

  • supply chain management in general ( 1, 2) and supply chain strategies ( 1, 2),
  • early risk related literature and the Bullwhip-Effect,
  • risk management in supply chains ( 1, 3, 3, 3, 5),
  • categorization of risks and management ( 1, 2, 3) and
  • special risks like disruptions ( 1, 2)

But these article only make up 10% of the now 200 articles published during the last 23 month!
If you are curious to learn more about supply chain risk management, just browse the archive or have a look at the categories and popular tags in the sidebar.
But now let’s go to this weeks news in supply chain management.

News Research
  • The CSCMP just issued a call for papers on Contemporary Issues in European Logistics and Supply Chain Management, deadline for the event in April in Frankfurt, Germany is January, 9th. ( CSCMP)
  • Supply Chain Management Review has a short summary of a recent group session with SC executives on the current issues in supply chain management. ( SCMR)
  • The case study on Ciscos efforts in supply chain risk management can be previewed for free in the form of a (full) inspection copy. ( GlobaLens)

Also have a look at my articles of this week:

Enjoy your weekend!

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