I just a read an IndustryWeekarticle that reviewed a recent Siemens / McGraw-Hill sustainability survey. As the Copenhagen climate conference begins and the political rhetoric becomes louder each day, it is interesting that there are leading corporations ahead of the curve; early-adopters of green technologies and policies. These corporations are increasing their sustainability efforts in a down economy, citing reduced energy costs, customer satisfaction, market differentiation, and general financial performance as key drivers.


Of particular interest to me is that a growing number of executives surveyed said they now request energy/greenhouse gas data from their suppliers. How are suppliers going to react to this request? Once this emission data is base-lined, what tools will suppliers use on a daily basis to help them manage the inevitable requirement that they reduce these emissions?


Has this information been requested of you? Are you prepared?

Originally posted by jnafis at http://blog.kinaxis.com/2009/12/companies-are-requesting-energygreenhouse-gas-data-from-their-suppliers-are-you-ready-for-that/

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